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Netz Solutions, Trivandrum is one of the leading suppliers of Office Automation Equipment that has succeeded to create a high profile and trusted name in a very short period of time. With a deep rooted commitment to product quality, transparency of business methods and a keen eye for timely and quality, after sales service, Netz Solutions today, is a name that looms large over the horizon in the field of Office Automation. The company has over a short period been at the fore front in the ever expanding realm of office automation equipment, notably, printers, copiers and multifunctional devices.

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Netz Solutions,

is the culmination of over two decades of professional experience,

Coming together to form a new venture. The company is currently the authorised dealer for the undisputed world leader in this field, RICOH, for large areas of Kerala with a noted presence all over South India. Netz Solutions today is the leading suppliers and service agents for Printing, Copying and Multi-Functional devices for Central and State Government organisations, leading Educational and Training Institutes across the state. Netz Solutions are also leading suppliers of projectors with a very high profile clients.

The company is also steadily making a noticeable entry into the corporate world with mentionable business with various multi-national companies. Netz Solutions is undoubtedly a one stop shop, for all your Office Automation and Digital Documentation devices and their service.

The mantra behind Netz Solutions is keeping an eye on the cutting edge of change and innovation, adapting creatively to the need of the hour and making sure that the money, time and trust that our customers invest in us is paid back manifold. We make business relations that help our customers enhance their business potential, innovate and create new avenues and rely on our unfailing back up service. An assurance that they benefit in business and financial terms what they paid for.

Two Decades of Experience

Netz Solutions is the result of over twenty years of dedicated service in the field of office automation. The thought behind the formation of this organisation is a commitment to customer needs and service. The experience allows us to assess, evaluate, advise and supply our customers as per their need and aspiration.

Association with a World Leader

The importance of our association with a global leader can never be overestimated. Ricoh has been the global leader for decades and leads not only in terms of magnitude but also quality of products and service. Netz Solutions have been able to imbibe and apply the levels that Ricoh has provided.

International Service Quality Levels

Netz Solutions, from inception has understood and maintained that sustained success is based on the policy of product and service quality. With the market responding very positively to international quality standards, it is imperative to maintain the same. This has been the avowed policy of Netz Solutions

Variety of products to suit needs

Availability of Small, Medium and Big devices to suit your business. Hardware for digital documentation, like A3 and A4 photo copiers and printers, Multifunctional Devices, Digital duplicators, LED & DLP projectors, and high speed copy printers are available for organizations and businesses to suit their needs.

Clientele of high Profile Organization

You are known by the company you keep’, is a true saying. The profile and the trust placed on us is a reflection of the eminence and high stature of the most important person in our premises, our customers. We are proud, delighted by and thankful to the clientele’ we have been able to associate with.

Social and Ethical operations

No person or organization can or should exist in a vacuum, isolated from legal, social and national factors. Netz Solutionz has always been run on policies of legal correctness, ethical functioning methods and social commitment. Netz Solutions is and always will, stand by this posture.

Netz Solutions: The leading suppliers of Office Automation Equipment

Netz Solutions association with RICOH, the global leader, has helped it gain and maintain a position of eminence in the field. Ricoh is the worlds's leading suppliers of office automation equipment, including copiers, facsimiles machines, data processing systems, and related supplies. Ricoh is also renowned for its state-of-art electronic devices and photographic equipment.Headquartered in Tokyo, the Ricoh Group is a global technology leader, that operates in over 200 countries. Ricoh has been present in India for over 37 years, and operates through a robust pan-India network of 7 offices and over 1,000 business partners. What sets Ricoh apart is that it delivers not only a wide array of products and solutions, but consistent service levels across the globe.

  • Ricoh Multifunctionals
  • Colour Multifunctionals
  • B&W Multifunctionals
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Anybody with basic knowledge of computers and the software associated issues know how vulnerable these are to viruses and malware, especially with the networking environment of today’s world. One of the best known anti-virus software with a global acceptance is Quick Heal. Quick Heal Total Securitygives complete virus protection, computer data security, data theft protection, and even parental control software, a necessity these days with illicit and unsuitable material being floated on the net.Netz Solutions is proud to be associated with this Global product.

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Sharp, as a Global Brand needs no introduction to the world of electronics. They are one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of consumer electronic goods. They are also very well known for their premium office automation equipment. The Sharp Suite at Netz Solutions boast of a wide array of electronic display. These state of the art displays are currently the best in the market. Netz Solutions association with Sharp has put us in a position of market leadership in the Kerala Market with a notable presence in South India. Sharp with its years of experience in the television manufacturing industry, has probably the best display screen, ideal for office use and Netz Solutions holds the banner proudly.

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Affordable, Professional LCD Monitors to Engage Audience in a Variety of Environment

The 90" class (90 1/64" diagonal), 80" class (80" diagonal), 70" class (69 1/2" diagonal) and 60" class (60 3/32" diagonal) Sharp professional LCD monitors combine full-HD image quality and a stylish, thin profile for the ultimate viewing experience. PN-Q901, PN-Q801, PN-Q701 and PN-Q601 professional LCD monitors are perfect for retail settings, waiting rooms and other business locations that need to grab the attention of viewers for a new level of engagement. Easily manage the functionality of the monitors due their many user friendly features.

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Maximise the Value of Small Meetings to Achieve a Big Change

Sharp’s BIG PAD series makes meetings and communications smoother and more productive. Reinforcing the line-up is the 40-inch PN-40TC1, which offers a fresh approach to boosting the dynamism of business and educational organisations. It’s ideal for meetings of two to six people held in small spaces—the so-called “huddle spaces” where a high proportion of meetings take place in the modern world. Making the most of huddle meetings can transform communications and accelerate business to a whole new level.

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The Way to Transform Today’s Workspaces for Tomorrow

The PN-65SC1 interactive touchscreen LCD monitor delivers innovation to the world of business and education. This affordable 65-inch model with the basic functionality of the Sharp BIG PAD series simply enhances your visual communications by transforming presentations, training sessions, or classroom lectures into creative and interactive experiences. Whatever the task, the PN-65SC1 helps you work more efficiently, smoothly, and productively.65-inch LCD monitor ensures that detailed text and images are reproduced vividly and accurately.

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Netz Solutions, Trivandrum is one of the leading suppliers of Office Automation Equipment that has succeeded to create a high profile and trusted name in a very short period of time.


PHONE: +91 9847337489

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EMAIL: support@netzsolutions.in

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